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APIT Community

If you're sick of aimlessly chasing opportunities on your own , want to boost productivity, achieve your goals,  and surround yourself with some seriously cool and creative entrepreneurs—you’re in the right place.

Are you an ambitious adventurous entrepreneur (manufacturer, farmer, trader, brand owner, sole trader, small business owner or whatever...whatever you are)


💫 You get caught up in indecision or procrastination - you secretly know you could use your time more effectively.

💫 You have to give up some visible opportunities because you know that you can't solve some difficult problems at present.

💫 You miss the camaraderie of your colleagues and want to do something meaningful with like-minded people - although you prefer to work for yourself.

💫 You are tired of having to keep up with trends and make various ineffective investments in order to find opportunities. You hope to obtain opportunities more simply and directly.

💫 You are afraid of various frauds, and you want to see the true face of opportunities more realistically.

💫 No matter how you change, you are not late, just right, and you have not missed the opportunity.

💫 You’re tired of googling all-of-the-things—nothing beats a real human to human conversation to share experiences.

💫 You want to expand your network and build rock-solid relationships to take your biz to the next level (relationships are everything after all).

Do they sound familiar? I feel the same way because I've been through both.

My friends just don't get it, other communities have their ups and downs, and while I have some great community friends, I don't want to burden them with my business problems.

I wanted a community of like minded people to share and grow, while also finding opportunities within the community.

I feel you are here because you want that too. 🔮

The APIT is for entrepreneurial  who want to chase their dreams and grow better as  and founders—together. As a member, find the community, encouragement, and space you need to thrive. Plus you’ll experience a healthy dose of wisdom bombs, laughs, and light bulb moments along the way.

A little taste of the APIT…

More than advice.

Cooperation is what we truly offer.

Gim  me The Perks



✔​Enterprise marketing landing page design


Custom Short Link


✔​Corporate promotion short link customization


Customized QR code


✔Enterprise promotion QR code customization



✔ ​Community members recommend each other (cooperation opportunities between members are golden)




✔1:1 supply and demand matching business negotiation


Cooperation intention tracking service

✔Continue to follow up on the demand feedback of intended customers


Translation Service

✔​Provide multilingual translation of corporate marketing materials


Interpretation service

✔ Provide 1:1 supply and demand matching business negotiation,

Support multilingual interpretation service

Join The community

 we strive to provide you with unbeatable deals and exclusive services that make life better.

We know how important it is for our customers to save money and find the best deals on the products they need.

That's why we offer exceptional perks tailored specifically to you. When you join us, it means more savings, more convenience and more fun! Thank you for your support - here's to a better future for everyone!

Why It’s A Good Investment

Go from this…

· Strive to find focus in multiple parallel projects.

· I wish I could go further, but language limits my steps.

· Unable to grasp the real market trends, always miss the best opportunities.

·Always putting client demands ahead of your own dreams.

·Jumping from idea to idea and constantly questioning which way to grow.

·Wasting time on things that don’t move your business forward.

·Wondering where your next decent lead will come from.

·Feeling burnt out and uninspired.

To this...

·Finding the structure you need to amplify productivity.

·Finally making space to put your dreams first.

·Having a solid support crew of kick-ass babes in business.

·No matter how you change, you have not missed the opportunity.

·Even if you only know your mother tongue, you can still get any ·opportunity from the world.

·You love that some of the members have become clients of your and vice versa!

·Maintain a close relationship with like-minded members, so that you can grow better.

Member Testimonials

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