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APIT (Association of Asia Pacific International Trade) is a high atmosphere community for import and export trade entrepreneurs in the Asia Pacific region. We've been creating more business opportunities (not just bigger business opportunities) for import and export trade entrepreneurs since 2008. At the core of our services, you will find that in order to create the opportunities you want for you, we will continue to expand your influence through diversified ways, let every customer know about you, and bring them to your before.

We understand how tough and lonely adventurers can be, but that's not the case. When you find a community of like-minded people who understand what it's like to forge their own path, magical opportunity and growth unfolds.

So whether you call yourself a manufacturer, farmer, trader, brand owner, sole trader, small business owner, or matter who you are,

We all welcome you here. APIT exists to let everyone know, share and cooperate with each other in this big community, and build a prosperous company together.

We're here to support you through the ordeal of being a business owner and finding the freedom and flexibility you crave,

And help you succeed based on your needs.

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"No matter where you are located, our reach and capabilities in the Asia-Pacific region can create business opportunities without borders for you."


Asia Pacific is not just our focus, it's our specialty

We combine our regional expertise with industry experience and knowledge of local markets.


One of the region's leading

International Trade Community

Need more proof?



13 markets


Comprehensive opportunity to create ---

global wide,local focus


More than 100,000

Create Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

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